Kyle Kesterson is the Founder and CEO of Freak'n Genius, a technology startup in Seattle that making it so anyone can animate instantly using a multitude of platforms. 

They are graduates of the Microsoft's Kinect Accelerator, SW Next Accelerator, and are currently in Washington Interactive Network's Reactor Accelerator.

At Freak'n Genius, Kyle is responsible for creating the company's online and offline presence, voice and brand, internal culture, product UI/UX, character development and illustration. 

Prior to Freak'n Genius, Kyle was the Chief Creative Officer of Giant Thinkwell, a venture-backed TechStars company, as well as working on the creative side of large brand's mobile experiences at Übermind and was a Toy Developer at Funko, working with brands such as Lucas (Star Wars), Marvel, Warner Bros, Universal, MGM, Burger King, Simpsons, South Park, Hasbro, Sega, Star Trek and more.

In 2011, Kyle was awarded Seattle 2.0's "Best Startup Designer".

He is a Seattle TechStars graduate, Startup Weekend Organizer and Facilitator, a compulsive doodler, photographer, binaural beats enthusiast, ping pong samauri, Cinematologist & Graphologist.

Kyle loves to collaborate and shoot the shiz, please feel free to drop him a line at

Follow him on Twitter at @kylekesterson


Various videos of Kyle:

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2010 Fine Art Exhibitions

February "Bridgetown Hustle" - Nemo (Portland)

February "Artifakt" - Lo Fi

2009 Exhibitions

April "Lowell Brow" - Lowell Art Works

May "Very Sheri Show" - Studio 3

May "Solo show" - Sureel Boutique

October "Monsters" - Lowell Art Works

November "Solo show" - Deli Boutique


2008 Exhibitions

May "Sci-Fi" - Lowell Art Works

July "575" - ElevenTwelve

November "Bone Show" - Lowell Art Works